XRP - Love it or hate it, "the bankers coin"

Good afternoon TM folks.

long time listener, first time caller!

Ripple Inc v The SEC. The general consensus out there on social media, is that the SEC are on the cusp of some sort of capitulation, and the second that happens, it will trigger some sort of explosion in the price of XRP.

People are maintaining the notion that the sole reason for the current value, is suppression through investor uncertainty. Is that the case though? Does it have the utility to be big?

Obviously there are a lot of wild numbers being thrown about, crazy price predictions that don’t match the market cap etc. What are TM’s thoughts on this? Are people going big now on XRP to catch that bounce to the moon, or has it had it’s day in court?


It will likely double if the case is officially dropped. In the meantime, I’m looking at it going from $1.65 to $1.95 in the next couple of days and just playing what the chart is showing me.

next psychological barrier is 2 USD. but there is no resistance up to 2,75 USD for Ripple. As for the news, this has nothing to do with the TA, BUT… IF SEC capitulates now, AND XRP continues its’ path to be a currency used by banks and other entities on a large scale… i could see XRP going to 5 USD this market cycle. Remember, to double, the amount of money that should go into XRP is humongous.