Wonderland crew soon to be doing $Time? Not so wonderful memories

Hi Guys,

This has to be an exciting story for the breaking news section of TM & the live stream.

$Time Wonderland is imploding as we know you did a video on it (glitch in the matrix eh I can’t laugh, I had a very small punt on that inflationary yield myself, made myself a nice tax loss) but it’s now come out in the last 24hrs (confirmed by the other founder) that the treasury manager and architect of the project is actually arch-criminal and known fraudster Omar Dhanani.

This one has everything, people faking their own deaths, international arrest warrants, ID theft, money laundering, his resume reads like a Bond villain.

For me this is the reason I’m so sceptical about Defi, I hate regulation as much as the next… former banker, but if we don’t control this industry, these will be the players.

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