Who will be the 2020 DEX volume king?

Having a look at the dashboard again on Dune and seeing a steady increase in market share by dydx & ZRX, what are people’s thoughts on who will reign supreme in 2020, given KNC’s revised token utility and IDEX were top in 2019 and are preparing to roll out IDEX 2.0?


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Thus far bitcoin has not shown signs of decoupling. Equities will be releasing quarterly reports end of April and most will probably be at losses. If there has ever been a time for bitcoin to show its real price action value it’s now. Everyone is expecting bitcoin to dump with equities, what do you think are the possibilities of the market behaving irrational and finally pumping as it tends to go against the consensus?

Not sure how this relates to DEXs?

Great link. thanks for this.

Don’t know too much about this, but I’ve been currently looking into DEX’s progress lately. From your link, I like what dYdX is doing in terms of volume, but have a feeling 0x may continue to move ahead eventually. Just a gut feeling.

Since it has kind of a first mover advantage, I could have sworn I’d hear more about Bitshares here and there.

Anyway, here’s a older blog I read on Hackernoon in which they show their top 10 DEX and a brief explanation of each:

Thanks for that article, really appreciate it. And yeah now that 0x have released Matcha I would expect their usage to increase, especially seeing as they’re also setup for NFT trading.

dYdX - Clear winner as of now

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yes but no token sir

:grinning: Easy with your mate, everything in crypto is interconnected.