Where to buy and store coins

Howzit Ian . . we have been piloting the indices in Binance but in the recent Weekly Price Prediction Indice only half the coins are on Binance and they are possibly the ones which are going to pump nicely. Any tips on where best to buy and store most of these newer low cap coins? Thanks a mil, Robin

Have you tried Trustwallet?
It has the third best rating on Tokenmetrics best wallet awards.
Also, there is Crypto dot com wallet.

To buy btc/eth with Fiat, there is Gemini and Cashapp

Thanks very much @samsing . . that is useful. I am looking for as few wallets and exchanges to manage as possible. Keep life simple :slight_smile: Trustwallet has same selection as Binance. I think what we are looking for is industry grade storage with a good range of newish coins?

Thanks for asking it @crypto, look forward to getting a reply from @diaryofamademan!

Hi Tom, for low cap coins, Uniswap is a popular one. They only have ERC20 tokens (Ethereum tokens) however.

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