Where/how are you guys purchasing ARMOR?

I know there are several ways to accomplish this. However, I am curious to hear from the community how some are obtaining ARMOR?

Just wondering how this question is relevant. Are you curious about DEX/CEX usage from the community?

I brought mine from 1inch then staked some in the Armor/Eth pool

1inch. There will be a lot of money to be made when Armor.Fi starts offering intermediaries the chance to sell their insurance product to retail clients, million of people need that product, and I think insurance on your wallet will be offered by IFAs eventually, and they will get a bigger underwriter than Nexus, it will be one of the big 6 insurers, an AIG etc.

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Because Armor—I caved and signed up for gate.io as it just keeps having that coin I’m interested in. Might grab some there… or maybe I’ll just swap some eth for a bag of it on sushiswap.

Edit: Did set up an account with them and jumped through various KYC-security hoops, pretty horrendous UI—would avoid.