What to do with UNI airdrop tokens I just got

Hello, my name is Jimy and this is my first post on the forum. I also just joined Token Metrics. Long time big fan of the Youtube channel and am happy to be a subscriber.

I haven’t done a lot with Uniswap, two transactions actually, one failed. But went to investigate Unitrade after watching Bitboy’s recent video and saw a link to claim 423.88 UNI. At first I made sure I was actually at the uniswap site and not one of the spoof ones. It was legit though and after 4 hours or so, the transaction confirmed and I now have around $1300 USD in Uniswap tokens in my Metamask.

I’m just posting here to get some good ideas as to what I should do with this found crypto I now have?

Hey Jimy, for new investors and traders I recommend using the Token Metrics indices to determine which coins you want to invest in. It allows you to pick your preferred investment style and time horizon and will generate 10 coins that fit the bill. Hope that helps, good luck with your investing goals!

Hi Jimy, obviously we people cannot give financial advice for me personally as a small trader with the defi bubble ending or on a pause I decided to sell 300 of the 400 uni tokens I got. I will leave the rest now as a long term hodl and see what happens. If it goes to zero so be it I made some money for free if it goes to $10 per token it will be a nice extra bonus.