What is the best way to buy crypto with fiat?

This is a newbie question.
I am currently transferring GBP to a coinbase pro account, where I am purchasing ETH. I am then transferring the ETH to a Binance account where I am trading the ETH for other ALTs.
Is there a cheaper or more efficient way to do this? For example, can anyone suggest an exchange that has an extensive selection of Alt coin trading pairs like Binance, but allows purchase via fiat (GBP)?


That’s your 1st mistake, using Coinbase. I’m not familiar with the UK, however if another platform is available, us it. No Coinbase

Have you looked at bitstamp?

Generally, I scan prices at 3 or 4 exchanges, before I buy.

Check out Coinfloor.co.uk I just watched an interview on the Keiser Report on YouTube. They interviewed the CEO of Coinfloor. That might be a great place to start. #deletecoinbase

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Thanks, i’ll check it out.

Is it normal to pay a premium when buying crypto with fiat, even if you do not use a credit card?

Yes i did. I compared coinbase pro, cex.io, binance.je, and the price of each ETH was $10 more expensive (about 4%) when purchasing with GBP, compared to purchasing ETH with another alt coin on Binance.com. Is this normal? Seems a bit excessive.

Kraken might also be an option.

In some cases yes. But it depends on where you are buying it from. For example, you should expect to pay a premium on LocalBitcoins for example but perhaps not at an exchange like Kraken.

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Yes, it’s normal to pay a premium while buying with fiat (bank account, debit card etc). The amount of premium varies with currency and/or exchange.

Crypto-crypto purchases generally cost 3% on changelly and binance.

While buying, it’s always good to look at the spot prices at a few exchanges because there have been times I have got a better deal on Local bitcoins over centralised exchanges and vice versa.