What exchange type app like Coinbase, has coins they only let you follow on there

I’m looking for a pretty trustworthy app like Coinbase for phones that carries a few coins I’ve heard @diaryofamademan mention? And are these the right ones? Thank you for your time

@Nokturnal Helium can only be earned through mining. (You’ll have to buy the device)
Blockstack is not available in Coinbase for buying, you can get it in Binance which is also a popular exchange.

Watch this@diaryofamademan video on youtube

Helium is Creating an Internet for Machines | 100X Advisors World Tour

Thank you for the reply. Yes that’s the reason I was asking about them was from that video. I didn’t know they could only be earned through the device. Thank you. Ordering this week then.

:thinking: Coinpaprika shows, towards the bottom of the page, an exchange that has HLM called Crex24. I’ve never heard of that exchange and most likely the volume is very low.