What are the selection criteria for the tokens that get included in the indices?

I have noticed that the tokens the were included in the last weekly trader TA index were NOT the tokens that currently had the highest TA on the TM ranking - even if you factor in that the daily trading volume needs to be greater than 500k in order to be included.

I observed the same phenomenon with regards to the weekly price predictions index: The tokens included in that one were NOT the tokes with the highest current price prediction within the next 7 day period - even if you factor in daily trading volume >500k.

So I am curious: What other selection criteria are there for coins to be included in the indices?


There are many different metrics that go into our models that select the indices. A pretty important being that the overall index correlation has to be as close to zero as possible. It is very possible that a lot of those coins you viewed with high predicted growth move very closely with one another and the coins that the AI put in the index, so they were not included. I hope that makes sense, thanks for your question.