Update on ongoing Quant service problems

I have just received the Token Metrics Newsletter which has one line:

Now is the time to get involved.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the ongoing service issues with Quant. On December 1st the index page showed that it was ‘last updated Dec 1, 2020 12:40 AM GMT (UTC 12:40 AM)’ but it was not updated. The Value Investor / Quant monthly shows no transaction since November 26 and the index holdings did not change. It has since reverted to showing ‘last updated November 26…’

The following day on Telegram Ian mentioned there were data provider issues, and yesterday December 2 Azeem told me he thought the issues were fixed and asked me to provide screenshots which I did - does this mean that only some users are affected? Since providing the screenshots there has been no update in Telegram or anywhere else that I have seen and the channel is full of users complaining. I opened a support ticket and Ryan said he would forward the issues to the team but that was the last I heard.

Are the ratings affected or just the indices?

I think Token Metrics offer a great product, which is why I am here, and why I tune in to the live streams, and why I was so excited to join this community on Black Friday. I understand that all services experience technical difficulties but what I do not understand is the apparent silence from Token Metrics regarding the issues.

Can you please update us on what is happening and to acknowledge the issue with Quant is ongoing, even if just to let us know that you are working on a fix but you do not know yet exactly when it will be resolved.

Update from Azeem on Telegram: We are almost there, please bear with us

Hello everyone, thank you for joining Token Metrics. Sorry for the inconvenience, the issue has been resolved and all the indices should be working. If you’re still having issues please open a support ticket via the chat on the website or email support@tokenmetrics.com.

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Hi Ian,

Sorry to contact you here - I am a new member, HODLR, and struggling to find another way to reach out. I was fortunate enough to get some casper labs coins yesterday on the back of your not financial advice code review. Is TM able to do a code review on Rally? Is it another Coinlist ICO scheduled for next week. Very interested in it. Also I am an ETH Maxi too! Going to stake. Loving your youtube content and Bill Nobel’s weekly review on your show is a real highlight. Cheers Damien (Australia)