Unavailable coins

Hi there, I am looking to use your weekly indices but some coins are unavailable to me in Australia, do you think it’s better to substitute them for other coins or just not include them?

Don’t let little things (like your government) get in the way of your success. Use a VPN (like Surf Shark) to open accounts anywhere in the world. Just be careful knowing when you are or aren’t on the VPN. Logging into your Aussie bank account from Canada will throw up a flag with your bank. From my experience, a correct sequence would be to…

  1. Install VPN and launch it from a country that is accepted by the exchange you want to use. Canada is usually a good one.
  2. Open a new gmail account while on the VPN. This email will only be used while on the VPN.
  3. Open exchange account (like Binance). Use the email you just set up so all confirmations happen while on the VPN.
  4. Send BTC or ETH over to buy your tokens.
  5. Do not (obviously I hope) verify your account
  6. When you’re done, LOG OFF THE VPN so you don’t muck up the normal stuff you do.

Write everything down! What country and state or province did you use? New gmail and password. etc. etc.

I normally move coins off the exchange but the monthly swing trade coins I just leave on the exchange. There is some risk but I’m willing to accept that is this is only 1% of my current portfolio. Binance is a good exchange to start. I just started with TM this month and all 10 tokens were available on Binance using BTC.

P.S. After 2 weeks of the monthly swing trade portfolio, my positions are up 31%.

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