Unable to subscribe to newsletters linked to in the TM Weekly

I have an Advanced level membership, and every week the TM Weekly newsletter has a link to subscribe to a daily newsletter. On 4/29 it was, “>> Click Here To Subscribe to Daily Ratings & Price Predictions” On 5/26, it was, >> Click Here To Subscribe To The TM Grade". When I click the links, they take me to the Join Token Metrics" page with the membership levels and prices. I’ve tried random other links in the emails, and they open inside my account just fine.

I’ve tried logging into my account to find a subscription options page where I can choose the newsletters I wish to receive, but I can’t find any such page.

Am I being sent to the “Join” page because these newsletters require a membership level higher than Advanced? If so, the membership levels do not list individual newsletters, only that both Advanced and Premium subscribers get the “Token Metrics Insights: A daily crypto research and news publication.”

If they require a certain level of membership, it should state so in the email or take me to a page with the option to upgrade. The way it works now, it looks like the paged linked to isn’t recognizing my membership and dumping to the Join page.