Trading log August

Hi all so i started the free trial and began to trade using token metrics platform as a research tool. I am generally more of a long term investor and have a separate HODL bag on ledger but I wanted to try swing trading using token metrics.

These are my results below.

What I have learnt:

  • Every trade I entered I could have made a profit :rocket:, so I will continue to use token metrics as a tool to help pick an entry point.
  • I need to have a better plan of when I want to sell and to have some patience if it dips before a run when the TA still looks good. I got stopped out a lot through fear of losing more than 5% only to then miss the up move. Equally I missed moves that went up 10% because I didn’t set take profit’s (or my take profit didn’t fill :rage:).

Disclaimer, since I have some positions open at the moment my actual P/L isn’t 59% it’s lower if I was to sell off my current open positions.
I know you cannot hit the max possible P/L that’s unrealistic but I was curious to see it as a reference point.

Any thoughts and comments.
Clearly I should have just held DOT.
Should have sold some OMG and held rest for moonshot to >$9


@matthew thanks for sharing mate. There is no one right way to trade. If you find something that works for you then go for it. A profit it a profit. Suggestion: don’t antagonize yourself with ‘what could have been’. Almost no one consistently picks the highs and lows. Some of the best fund managers achieve 1-2% per month. Anything above that is amazing. Well done mate.

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Thanks @Bradmans_Average I keep trying to tell myself not think about what could have been so it’s good to hear it from somebody else too. Thanks for the kind words.