Trading in January 2021

Today I’m baffled and I see XRP at a 40% suggestion by the AI.

It’s being delisted! I can’t believe the XRP army is so strong! What do they know that I don’t know?

I’m not ready to buy the short but I’m highly curious if the AI is right! If XRP pops off in the morning I’ll follow this trader prediction closely.

Yes, I have been wondering to!! I am really frustrated and confused at the moment. All indicators are way off - Ratings, Indicies, dates on indicies periodes, price prediction ect - I am seeing coins in the marked going ballistic but no indication in Token Metrics at all !! Grades under Ratings are almost all below 70, maybe it is because I am on the investor plan I am getting these bad reading. If I had not been in the market for some time and only using Token Metrics I would be loosing money. I have been a member since June and normally love Token Metrics but after the Quant grade launch the investor plan has not been working out. The Insight newsletter is always great and guiding me at the moment towards gains. Are other members seeing similar tings or is it only me? Thanks and this is only ment as constructive critisisme. Have a nice day


For the record, XRP is not being delisted; just the trading pairs are being halted pending the US SEC case. The XRP FUD only applies to the US. The rest of the world is still trading XRP. Countries, like Japan, where XRP is huge do not consider it a security.

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Fair, but the only premise is that it’s used internationally for monetary payments, eg within the banking system. If the US is off the list, that dramatically lowers the functional utility of it.

Do you know how many crypto companies and even banks have been sued by the SEC? EOS has been sued… they settled. KIN was sued… they settled. Open your eyes and see this for what it is… a shakeout. Big money will enter at a low price and then Ripple will beat this and XRP will be relisted again in the states at much higher valuation. .

Read this article on JP Morgan’s lawsuit. Do you think JP Morgan will go out of business? .

Hey guys. Just trying to get my monies worth are the indices real because its saying that this is a bear market meaning we just buying. I don’t care for bears either way. I want to double my money and make it stack. I’m not into just holding assets, that’s useless. So far from your points of view this is not what I signed up for and from the comments I should just get the news letter and call it a day. Is this true?