Trader Monthly Price Predictions

I took only two tokens from the monthly AI prediction:

The rests were either stable coins or with rating below 60.

Not sure if this is a correct way of looking at the monthly trade prediction! :thinking:

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Looks like the model was taking a conservative approach, in case of a downturn…just a guess?

Thought same most predicted growth.2 percent.?

I’m new around here and not sure how it usually works. I noticed that there are lots of stable coins in the portfolio right now. A few other things stood out for me:

-Mona Coin has an August price prediction that is negative and it was included. It also has an overall grade of 54% which is considered “horrible” by the system. Why would this get a spot?
-Kava wasn’t included despite having a strong price prediction. Not sure why it didn’t get a spot.

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I’m trying to work out if this is a bug or not… although here is my theory.

Some times we may update the indices when we make important updates or changes to technical details and calculations for an index. For example, we recently introduced a new requirement that only **looks at price predictions with an average 3-month accuracy of over 80%**.

Recently they introduced price prediction accuracy as a way of selecting picks. The stable coins therefore would have had a very high (near 100%) price prediction model as they don’t change value vs the USD. This would suggest its a bug.

Second theory. The USD has currently just recently gone down in value so it could be predicting the price of the dollar to increase and have a reversal. As everything is compared against the USD it will show a profit of 0% vs the USD. Although I think this is unlikely.

I really wish there was a way to email tokenmetrics support directly to double check this.

Hi fchaman, good question. The price prediction index picks the top and most accurate price predictions for the coming month. It chose 5 stablecoins because it predicts most altcoins to have a correction or it’s not able to predict their growth with a high enough accuracy. So it chose to take profits and hold cash (stablecoins) to wait for when their either more coins that will be bullish or have charts that can be predicted with consistency. Think of this as taking profits to possibly but the dip.


Excellent point Ian. I followed the prediction and got myself some Matic and Chainlink. So far looks very promising:

Then rinse-and-repeat for what’s coming next month…

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Anything >90% prediction accuracy is a good bet!

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I am new and trying to understand the price predictions.

The dotted line I see now, can it change, or just be added to ?

When I look at the price prediction accuracy numbers, they are high, but just show the range of september 2 to september 2. i don’t get how this is useful. how do i get accuracy numbers for a month-long range like he shows in the tutorial ?

is there a way to rank the coins by price prediction accuracy ?

thanks very much