Trader Monthly Price Predictions Update

Strange I see a completely different list of tokens now! Early morning, I saw tokens like EOS, Stellar, XRP and few other tokens, and now a completely different list!

When is the best time to take a look at this monthly prediction? Also, why the list of tokens were changed?



@fchaman mate we’ve just had the end of month roll over on the Monthly indices so that might be the reason. Check the dates on the “Index Holdings” and “Last Index Transactions” table to confirm. :+1:

This is exactly what i am seeing too. it was doge xlm steem xrp bat ont eos and 3 stable coins i just checked again today and the entire profile changed also. what to do here?

@haanh88 Tommy see my comments here:

I checked mine on Tuesday (9/1) around 6AM EST…I should have make a screenshot of it! Then later around 1PM EST, I checked the list, and it was a complete different list!

My next question is: where is the best exchange to buy these recommended tokens? In Coinbase, I only can trade two of them:

@fchaman Yes that was a problem for the Trader Monthly Price Predictions. Are you seeing changes each day or just the once since rollover?

WRT exchanges, If you hover over the token it provides some suggested exchanges.

Otherwise if you go to and search for the token it will show you where you can get it.

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@Bradmans_AverageIt only happened once since rollover. Thanks for the guide to find the exchange.


could you tell me how to navigate to the chart you have pictured up there? I have a hard time finding it.

@haanh88 Tommy are you talking about the chart @fchaman posted from coinbase or one of the two I posted and if one of mine which one?

I was talking about fchamans chart. I thought that was from token metrics… all i see is a pizza chart on there it would be nice if they added the tokens shortcut name.

Yeah that’s a good idea