TokenMetrics AI Indices question

Hey @diaryofamademan my question is if I want to go with the Trader Price Predictions Monthly index, then can/should I distribute my BTC right away according to the current index allocation, or should I wait for the next update on August 01, 2020 UTC±07:10?

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Hello, that’s a tough question and will vary for everyone.

If I had to decide, I would look at how close the next rebalancing is. If it’s less than half way to a new rebalancing (for example less than 15 days away from a 30 day/monthly rebalancing) I would likely wait.

However, also just getting the current index and not worrying about rebalancing is also a fine strategy for those that do not want the additional hassle of doing it twice in less than 2 months.

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Thank you for your reply Ian @diaryofamademan it makes sense!

Actually I love trading so finally I gave a try to the Trader TA Daily index… only risked 3% of my assets but still it’s a great feeling to trade again! :slight_smile:

Hi Ian. I also have one question regarding Token Metrics Indices.
I have decided to follow Price Prediction Monthly Index few days ago and was waiting for 1st of August when index will update. After update I can see, that half of all investments are in stable coins.
Is AI predicting market to go down and better choice would be wait in cash, or there are no other coins that will go up in this Month?

Ian- I’ve been following the quarterly value balanced index. With BTC showing bullish signs in the future, how are you guys going to readjust the portfolio? Are we going to see coins like PCX and REN listed since they are directly correlated with BTC? I’m fearing that alts are going to dump soon.

Trying to understand the intended use of or perhaps “best use” of and index. Example: for [trader weekly weighted index] intended use is that we purchase the coins at about he first day they appear in the index (day 1 of 7 for weekly) then sell them on day 7 in order to buy the next week’s coins? Basically buying and selling the whole group of coins per investing time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly according the which index) is the intended use? I have watched the beginner videos and the topic is not clearly covered. Thanks for your fantastic efforts so far, can’t wait for the Quant index!