Token Metrics TV improvements

I always watch videos at 2x speed when possible. Token Metrics TV doesn’t have that option. Could we please add that.

Also the aspect ration doesn’t fit some screens. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the video player doesn’t not work well on that device. The controllers disappear and do not reappear once the video starts playing. I’ve also noticed on my 34" monitor when the browser window fills half screen the video gets chopped.



Yes please urgently add additional speed for video playback,…every platform nowadays has this.

Also, does the TV page act buggy for anyone else? Half the time new videos won’t play.

Sometimes I get thrown into a redirect loop where I get a ‘video won’t play until you login’ but I am logged in. Reloading usually fixes this.

Yes please, is a must to have speed on your videos.
I was using the chrome extension: “video speed controller” and it worked until a few weeks ago, but now it doesn’t work anymore on your videos :((
Please find a solution
Thank you

Upvoting this feed. Even with the TM TV upgrade the video player isn’t as nice as on YouTube. Can’t easily play at 2 or 3x speed. Doesn’t play nice with Chrome Plugin “Video Speed Controller”