Token Metrics Live Stream AMA - April 12th, 2020

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Are you considering making any changes to the ‘Neutral’ TA trend reading? It seems like the parameters you’re using for this reading are very wide leading to constant ‘Neutral’ ratings, particularly on the long term trend.

Yes our developer is working on solving the issue. :+1::100:

Excellent, can’t wait to see the results! :+1:

How can we use Token Metrics to re-balance our portfolios from time to time?

Are there any plans to implement a metric which predicts total market cap valuations and possibly BTC market dominance over time?

Hi. Will you be discussing Visa and the Fold card? I’d like to know some detail on it, like what geographical regions will be able to use it, and do you have to have Crypto on it first, etc.

Hi Ian,

What is your BTC prediction for May 1? Will it rise or fall? #whenibm? Thank you man!

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Thus far bitcoin has not shown signs of decoupling. Equities will be releasing quarterly reports end of April and most will probably be at losses. If there has ever been a time for bitcoin to show its real price action value it’s now. Everyone is expecting bitcoin to dump with equities, what do you think are the possibilities of the market behaving irrational and finally pumping as it tends to go against the consensus?

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