Tipps to find Gem for Beginner

Hey guys, I’m new to crypto, do you have some tips for good altcoins that are not too expansive at the moment but are solid good projects that are good to invest in right now or should I wait?

I already put some in Btc, Eth and Ada

Welcome to crypto!

It’s a great time to be investing, because the market has been terrible since May, so you will be buying things for cheap. It wasn’t always like this, for the 6 mths prior, we all made a lot of money.

In terms of timing - it depends if you are a long term investor or not. I would say if you are looking at investing over a 2 -3 year time frame, get in now while the market is down. The secret is picking projects that have really obvious use-cases, and great companies behind them - examples below are picks that I think will do well over the next few years + market sector.

Defi - Perp, SNX, Aave, Compound
Supply Chain - VET
Banking - XRP
Transactions - LTC, BCH, DASH
Web 3 - DOT, ADA, ETH
Value - BTC, Elrond

Avoid meme coins and novelty stuff like Doge and Shibb, it’s just gambling.

Good luck!

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