Timing entry into Indices investing

I’m new to Token Metrics and crypto investing overall. I would like to follow one of the Investor indices portfolio examples but have a question on timing. Generally speaking, would it be considered better to look at making initial investment in a quarterly indices near/at the next rebalancing (e.g. July timeframe) and following that for the remainder of this year OR just buy in and follow an annual indices from here out despite already being several months into 2021 already? Thanks!

I would say now, and then just rebalance your own portfolio when the indices update. I joined TM last year as a customer, and had a good run with the indices, but the visual signal trend indicators are more useful now. In all honesty - I get more value out of the video reviews and looking at what the team are investing in - than the actual system. Alpha, Perp, Nano, Audio, Matic, all projects that they are invested in, for good reason. I was a massive skeptic about this business, but they get it right far more than they get it wrong, the membership pays for itself!

Honestly, I already had my portfolio pretty much set before I joined TM (through DYOR). But I use the indices to make me more bullish over certain projects I already hold (over that quarter).

Following the indices will probably help you more through the bear market than bull market.

As @AlanF1982 says, I seem to get more value from the video streams and now the TV section than I necessarily do the indices.

I use the trends indicator more, and the newsletters with tech/code review scores to help me make my picks.

I think if you are going to use the indices. Do not go all in on one quarter. Test it first. And use it for learning. So either do it on paper (through a Coingecko portfolio tracker and pretend you would have bought at the price and to their allocation) and see how it works out.

In the mean time, that you’re waiting for the new quarter to come around, watch the videos, get used to the site and analytics, learn about the metrics that matter, so when you’re putting in your real money, you’re not going to get rekt.