Time Indices coins are released

What time (UTC) are the coin names released for the indices section?


I second that request.


I third the request. Sometimes the token has jumped during the night. I don’t necessarily want to buy after the jump.

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I fourth that request. I also emailed support - nothing back. Seems TM have shut off all support. I really am getting to the point where if I can’t use this platform and I can’t get support what’s the point ?

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I think the
daily is like ( 11pm central) us
Weekly is around 4 or 5am (central us) Monday.
i think

My spreculation is they are tweeking the AI all the time wich messes with the Idecies release time ( might change again in a few weeks/months)

my hope is they update the platform to have email notifications for this. I’ve set an email filter to send all my “crypto” related emails to my text messager

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Wow i came here with exactly that question!!! I also set my emails to be forwarded to text :smiley: Did we ever get an answer?

Well we got a helpful estimate from sccPresident, but no actual clarity from Token Metrics no. For myself i need GMT time, so it’s looking like 7pm GMT for the daily and 10/11am GMT for the weekly.

So Monday at 7pm GMT with the coins to hold through Tuesday i suppose?

I think on Youtube they recently clarified that daily/Weekly/Monthly across the board Indicies will be 5am eastern

YOutube: #12 Token Metrics Updated Indicies turtorial.

Daily: 5am eastern
weakly: 5am monday
Monthly: 5am 1st of the month

The above is correct.

Daily Indices: 5 AM EST
Weekly Indices: Mondays 5 AM EST
Monthly Indices: 1st day of month, 5 AM EST