Thoughts on SuperFarm?

Hello TM Family,

Does anyone having realistic idea abou what is going on with SUPER? There is no website and GitHub hence the price goes up and up and they are announcing partnerships with injective protocol and matic.

When you look at their twitter comments everyone speaking like the platform existing and works well. Youtuber EllioTrades is the leader of the project and he is also not sharing anything about it since the token out.

I do hold very small bag but worried about all these speculation and not having a working product as well as perfect Twitter activities and partnerships looks suspicious.

I hope there will be a really working platform at the end so we can enjoy nft farming :tractor::tractor:.

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I trust Ellio, and think super farm is going to be a HUGEly successful nft play. Patience is key.

SUPER listed on binance now, I assume it is clearing the doubts a bit…

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