Tesla Alternative Crypto Payments

Hi guys,

It has recently been announced that Tesla will cease (for the time being) accepting BTC as a method of payment, and will instead look for an alternative coin which is more environmentally friendly. What are your thoughts on which coin(s) would be likely candidates?

The man was born in South Africa. Is there an argument to be had that he might be looking at an environmentally friendly Crypto that’s promising to reshape broken systems in Africa?

For me, ADA has to be one of the top candidates.

And if/when ETH becomes POS, the fact it’s promising to be deflationary, is also going to be quite attractive to him.

What are your thoughts?

Yes, ADA is one of the best options for investment.

ADA and ETH are the perfect option for accept crypto as a payments. But the demand of these cryptocurrecies is quite lower than bitcoin. But their upcoming projects make them more popular than bitcoin.