Teeka's 5 Coin to 5 million?

Does anybody think Teeka coins can actually soar? According to a YouTuber who trashed it at first, after reading his report changed his mind. I kind of curious about $ejin and $mco


@Ademar : MCO is my favorite coin even before Teeka’s announcement. Crypto.com will definitely rule the crypto space in the future if crypto gets adopted by the main stream.

If you stake 50 MCO ($250):

you get 50$ worth in mcos for free
free SPOTIFY account
Debit card with 2% cash back in mco
for free NETFLIX account, you’ll have to stake 500 MCO’s

If you are interested in MCO, I can share the referral link to get 50$ worth of free MCO’s for both.

ENJ - Its a good investment because its integrated with Samsung blockchain. This has lot a scope for adoption. Gaming persons might adopt it very soon and price might skyrocket.

Teeka Tiwari coins are
MCO - Great Investment in my opinion
ENJ - Good Investment in my opinion (Gaming)
DATA - Ok Investment because they have lot of github commits and they pay you by selling your data. Large company partnerships such as HPE and 5G might increase the value of token because lot of IOT devices get needs the data from STREAMR (DATA) .
SNT - Not sure
NMR - Not sure

All coins might soar but I’m confident about MCO and ENJ. DATA is Ok to invest. Not a financial advice just a opinion :slight_smile:

Below is my MCO debit card I received for staking 50 MCO’s with FREE SPOTIFY and 2% cash back and 0 % annual fee.


I would strongly suggest doing your own research to determine if any of the coins are worth your investment. Take anyone’s suggestions with a pinch of salt. And use Token Metrics data to inform and guide your investment decisions.


Hi guys , I am surprised to see this list posted , it costs 2500.00 for the newsletter Teeka is selling , I have a basic subscription from him which is pretty informative, But I always thought that Ian was one of the most authoritative figures in crypto , have been following since October of 2017 … thanks so much for sharing , I posted on another portion of this site if anyone had thoughts on Top Network ( Steve Wei) …

have you made a profits following his calls with basic subscription ?

Thanks for sharing i appreciate it. Drop your referral link


50$ worth of free MCO tokens on signup with 50 MCO stake, FREE SPOTIFY and 2% cashback

referral code : jz2sdwtn2d

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  1. Hello, I believe in MCO. This is great project.
  2. Enj, could be another great project.
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These 5 coins will pump no matter what if we see the bull run in the future. Teeka Tiwari definitely did some analysis. I would throw 1000 in MCO and ENJ other 1000 in DATA, SNT and NMR.

He will have access to the information that we don’t, I’m not saying to believe him but its worth the risk in my opinion.

Watch the video guys " TEEKA TIWARI - 5 COINS TO $5 MILLION: A Special Cryptocurrency Investment Event - Part 1/2 | LR"

I have strong believe in MCO and ENJ.

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Used your referral code cause im all about supporting each other


Thanks @pmach

Lets support each other, we are crypto family :slight_smile:

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Good question, Enjin have Microsoft onboard so think Xbox customers. MCO, hmm they have a crypto debit card, app, their own cryptocurrency, their own exchange, please check, but I think they have their own exchange, plus drum roll, they have their very own Blockchain.


Thanks, for me DATA has performed really well, went up by 140-145% stashed the profits in USDC and still HODLing

I will invest in all these 5 coins. All these coins will help you to make at least 100x during BULL runs.

MCO (Master of Crypto Oracle)
DATA (DATA is new OIL)
ENJ (My friend’s kids love gaming collectables and partnersheeeeep with MICROSOFT)

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I agree with @harvw, I would like to think that we’re past the days of chasing these kind of pumps by PBC and that we have enough knowledge in the space now to do our own research.

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