Technolgy and Fundamentals reviews

Hi Troops,

I’m new to Token Metrics. I have a query about the code review scorecard for Fundamentals and Technology, when you release the scoring is it a one time event or do you perform a new analysis and scoring update for example if the project passed a key milestone or had some major updates?

If the answer is yes, why don’t you also indicate in summary when the review and scoring was performed, so we know if it still has any relevance!

The reason I ask this as I am a little confused, I watched two YouTube videos one by Ian and other by Forest related to Chiliz CHZ;

Top NFT Projects to Watch in 2021? Best NFTs Project? | Token Metrics AMA

Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction: How High Can CHZ Realistically Go This Market Cycle?

After watching both videos, ok they did not deep dive but painted Chiliz in decent enough light, but then I reviewed the Token Metrics analysis both Fundamentals and Technology are very bad. I’m confused by the YouTube video the Token Metrics result I was not expecting, but higher, then I start to wonder, is this maybe an extremely early project code review and not relevant?

If this scorecard is relevant then Chiliz coin must be deemed as these coins are known in the crypto space as a SHIT coin with a technology score of 32.73%, why then would you release a YouTube video indicating its decent enough project?

Another thing I cannot wrap my head around, plus I searched for help in other sections for answers, also affects other coins beside Chiliz within the technology section, if I toggle between Investor to Trader tabs the technology score changes, why? The code stays the same if you have a coin for one day or one month!

For Chiliz technology score for the investor tab is 32.73% change to trader tab and score now becomes 16.87% the coin has effectively gone from being a really shit coin now to a diarrhoea coin!

Any insights will be highly appreciated, thanks,


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