Suggestions for Token Metrics

I’m a member now so I want to help with feedback from a user’s POV that seems simple updates, but very important to the users.

I think something that TM could provide that would add additional value to its members is if there was a list of upcoming upgrades to protocols or platforms as it seems there is usually a run-up of the token until just before or right after the upgrade. If TM has this already, please point me in the right direction. If not, this is an idea. I’m sure your team can backtest these to see that if my assumption is correct.

Can you add the symbols to the charts to make sure we are looking at the token you are speaking about? For example, you spoke about Helium but was a different token from the HNT symbol.
It would also be helpful if you could click on the pie chart and it takes you to the info about the token. Currently, it doesn’t take you anywhere.

Scott B. (former Stockbroker and top 25% options trader with Morgan Stanley)

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