Subscription price increase

Did the Professional Plan increase in price recently? I was on my 14 day trial and was going to purchase the Professional Plan but I see the price is now $1000 higher than it was during my trial.

I just came back earlier today to pay today and the Investor Plan price goes from $599 to $899. Not fair. I’ll pay the price it was when I signed up. Any admin can assist in straightening this out?

I’m curious to hear if they will honor the previous pricing. Did they announce they were increasing the subscription fees ahead of time?

Hey TM Team, would you honor the previous plan’s pricing for those already signed up but want to upgrade? Maybe extend it to us already in the Hodler and Investor plans? I would have signed up for Pro if I could afford it and have been saving up for it. Thanks.

Maybe if we keep this near the top we will get a response?