Staking Alchemix

What is the best way to stake Alchemix? Thanks.

There are multiple ways to earn income with Alchemix. I’ll keep it simple and tell u what i’m doing. I took some of my ALCX tokens went to Then went to the “Farm” tab and staked some of my ALCX in the ALCX pool. That pool allows single asset liquidity. That means u can stake your ALCX tokens without having an equivalent amount of ETH. There are other pools u can use but I’m only in the ALCX pool. Success with your investment.

I’ll check it out…Much appreciated :+1:

I heard about Alchemix today from MDX crypto x Ian baking discussion.
Ian: Alchemix, being able to borrow against your collateral asset without having to pay it off. Basically, our collateral is put into a yearn/dai vault and that yield is used to pay off your loan.