Stake it untill you make it. What's the flipside?

Hello forum members,
Recently bought some staking tokens for the purpose of testing how it works. What if Eth will become a staking token? What will happen to all proof of work mining rigs and companies? Will they just flip to another coin or will they start staking Eth as a sort of mining?

That’s a good question actually, you’d need to think about it from a game theory perspective, what would your average miner do? Before deciding on what to do they’d have to bear in mind that it’s a function of;

  • the price of ETH when staking goes live
  • number of ETH nodes in operation at go-live
  • staking rewards/emission schedule
  • opportunity & incentive to form large ETH staking pools in light of the above (DUSK have previously made some interesting points about how they intend to mitigate pool formation in this regard)