Some token statistics cannot be seen

First, I find it disappointing that there is no chat or email functionality to discuss a problem that is not relevant to the community at large. We spend alot of money with you and we should have some contact mechanism with you besides a forum.

There are a number of tokens, that appear in this months price prediction index rotation that, when I try to review the actual price prediction, I am told I need to upgrade my plan to see that. I am on the investor plan. This month, I cannot see price predictions for Aeternity, Origin, Aurora, Wazir, and LCX. Why would that be?


Hey, welcome to Token Metrics!

You can actually contact Token Metrics Support by going to the Token Metrics and then on the bottom right you should see a yellow circle with a message label or a loop. Click on it and there you can contact us!

But to answer your question: investor plan covers the top 100 tokens by market cap. So those probably are below the top 100 and you would need the professional plan which offers every token token metrics has to offer.

Hope that makes sense please feel free to contact us at Support!

With all due respect, the yellow circle is an access to a forum of articles There is no feature to start a chat session or to contact TM… You copied your answer to me via email and the return address was so there is no real way to continue the conversation, if necessary, without returning to this forum and re-asking the question, or continuing the conversation. Does token metrics have a support email address such as for paying clients?

To continue the conversation then, if I do not have access to review the tokens that appear in my monthly rotation list, then why do they appear in my rotation list? In other words, why wouldn’t my plan rotation be based on the 100 tokens I have access to? I think I would be better served getting 12 picks that I can review rather than 16 picks, 4 of which I have to blindly trust.

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Hey. So, if you click on the yellow circle you should have something like this
Please make sure to click on the conversation rectangle and start talking to the Token Metrics bot. If the bot is unable to answer we will take a look at what you need help with and will help you out!

To answer your question: Indices is a program that is made without factoring in whether you have the Hodler/Investor/Professional Plan. If you want to suggest that please submit your idea here:

Hope that helped!


I lend my full support to the first paragraph of this post

Hey, Larri. We do offer support, please read the messages I sent above (I talk about where to find the support) . You want to click on the bottom right of the page, where there is a yellow circle and then you can contact Token Metrics Support!

Please let me know if you need more help! You should feel free to contact Token Metrics Support at any time! :slight_smile:

Alejandro, with all due respect, try your own product once instead of just answering it from what you think you know. What happens if you dont have a previous conversation? When you dutifully try to answer the question yourself by walking through all of the help articles, there should be a “CONTACT SUPPORT” button at the end of the search. You shouldn’t have to exit out of the entire process and hope to god you’ve had a previous conversation. We pay you alot of money and to not have a support email readily available and accessible is frankly cheap and irresponsible on your part. Even your replies to our forum questions come from a do not reply address.

My specific questions to you are…

  1. Why you do reply to us with a donotreply email address making communication that much more difficult?
  2. Why don’t you provide REAL support contact capability. Going down a rabbit hole of never ending articles is not a real support system. That’s what free sites utilize.
    Why dont you have a simple like every other pay site (and many free sites) have? Are you really that cheap? You afraid you might have to hire another person? Sorry to be so crude but all the polite dancing is getting us nowhere.
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Thank you for your non answer answer regarding your absolutely PATHETIC technical support.(crickets)

Hey, sorry for not answering! I was not aware you had replied, that is my bad.

Could you send a screenshot of what you are seeing for the support contact options? I was not aware of this issue.

For the donotreply email… You can actually reply to the newsletters and we will answer the questions you have if you do that!

Thanks for the input, we are considering making updates to the plans in the near-term future.

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate it.

To contact customer support, you may email or use the chat in the bottom right corner. The chat required users to be logged in, but we have enabled it for users not logged in as well based on community input.

The noreply email is only for forum notifications to our knowledge. All other Token Metrics emails to customers should have the support email.

We will look into all the matters you have shared with us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much. FYI, the email address you just shared for support appears nowhere on your site that I can find. Maybe you could add it in a logical spot, like under the support tab?

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