So many user experience issues

I have been working at wall street for developing software systems since 2004. Though I like data on your site but I am not really impressed at all with the user experience on your site. Obvious features are missing and I am having a tough time doing very small tasks.

Is there any plans to fix the site and add basic features like exchange filtering on ratings page, filter grid using token name, having back arrow to come back to rating pages after we click the a token in grid and remembering the filters on rating page and re-applying it so that I don’t have to re-do filters all over again and not having IM chatbox open again and again on site after I close it?

Once these are fixed, you will clear level 1 of my user acceptance. 9 higher levels to go to reach the level of best of the breed software runnings in top banks :).

more issues:

  1. On ratings page, there are predefined filters row…sometimes you can click a filter because filters have moved sideways and there is no arrows to bring them back
  2. If i want to put star on some coins on ratings page but they are not in grid shown, what is workflow to put such a star? I want to see coinbase coins in my favorites but seems like there is no way to do that either