SKALE - thoughts, feelings?

I came across SKALE a couple of weeks ago and heard about their launch (which got postponed this week, apparently because too many people crashed their server). They seem to have partnerships, investors, and technology that can help with Ethereum scalability.

Our TM SKALE profile (which is “still scoring”) indicates it’s “horrible” due to either bad or missing fundamentals (not scored yet, perhaps).

What are your thoughts on this token? Of course, I’ll be doing my own due diligence, but do any direct competitors come to mind?

I’m happy you brought this up! I’m eager to see what input comes from this. I was in the auction for this one. But they still don’t seem to have figured out how to launch it.

This name rings a bell (an alarm bell) I am sure i remember it from the 2018 ICO phase. I may be wrong but there is a coindesk article about a skale network that already raised 17 million in 2018.

The CEO seems to be the same Jack O’Holleran.

Tuns of competitors in the scaling solutions niche. Well over a dozen. Skale probably a decent hodl but you won’t get rich because the tokenomics suck with so many tokens presold to investors

@gmean1.618 agreed, it’s this week now, fixed price

@matthew interesting… I think I found the article

@deficuck thanks, I’m already long MATIC, don’t think I’m going to add another ETH scaling solution

Yeah MATIC is better right now. SKALE is an ICO not a coin thats been out for a year.