Short Investing with Tokenmetricks

Has anyone profitably invested based on tokenmetrics weekly top 10 grades and TA?

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Yes I have with Monero. Was lucky enough to read a Token Metrics newsletter that was sent out in early January which predicted that a breakout for Monero was imminent. Best trade of the year thus far.

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I tried to look at the price predictions they have, but considering the current low volume scenario I did not do any trade.

I missed that, still trying to exactly learn the system. I made money with chain link. What does the red and green arrows on coin grade mean ?

The price prediction been a off so I down graded my plan to hodler. has the price actually worked for you.?

Did your monero trade was a one week trade or mora than a week ?

More than a week, although I was already in profit within a few days.

Personally, TM gives me a better idea of the short term moves in either direction for large cap coins. I don’t really pay attention to the price predictions so can’t really comment on that yet.


Based on my understanding, it is showing you whether the grade of the token has either gone up or down based on their AI and machine learning models. Although you’ll need to confirm with Ian and /or the team to confirm whether my understanding is correct.

That’s great, congratulations! :+1::100:

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Green is positive and red is negative.

Coronavirus is a black swan event that has made predictions very difficult. At the moment markets seem to have stabilized and predictions getting better. But I would use the actual token ratings rather than price predictions, they are more accurate.


positive as price increase or just overall grade ?

Thanks, that a big help a lot. Right now tokenmetrics likes Binance how you feel about this trade ? I think is kind os risk although the monthly ta is very bullish

I personally don’t trade Binance coin because I try to avoid exchange coins, so couldn’t really provide you with advice on this one unfortunately.

I’m always believe in Ian balina, CEO of token metrics. I believe persons behind it. I have profited with Ian Balina’s 2017 coins. Some of the coins Ian predicted in 2017 are Chainlink, Icx, Zilliqa, 0X and Kyber network which are still the top coins. This is enough for me to believe in token metrics. :slight_smile:

I feel like short term predictions are kind of gamble. Long term - I believe in token metrics.


Do you mean these arrows? They represent an increase or decrease in the Token Metrics rating.

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Thanks Harvey, I’ll ask for your opinions probably Sunday based on what tokenmtrics next ratings.

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I got into crypto in 2018 obviously learning the space i got rekt in a few projects now I am a more mature and sophisticated investor. Ian has been great to watch and learn from as well

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thanks, Ian I appreciate the explanation.