"Sell in May and go away"

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I’ve been thinking about this sentence that Bill has been saying on the live streams (thank you Bill for what you do, you’re The Man): “Sell in May and go away”. I’ve been keeping this in mind but I also keep hearing about no short-term signs of the end of the bull market. I imagine that this saying has to do with historical overall “bearish” behaviour of the market in the month of May, is that right? So would this mean sell your bags in May and wait to buy dips? Or might we have a different behaviour this year, with a continuous bullish trend in May as well?

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Thank you so much Token Metrics for addressing this issue during the last live stream :smiley:

I was looking at this question and was wondering was this the same one asked on the Live :rofl:

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We should have in all fairness, markets have been terrible since end of April.

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Yes. Indeed. Despite all the “warnings”, I didn’t sell as much as I should and May was really… ouch…
It’s really hard to “keep down” emotions when managing portfolio. But this is crypto. Always learning!

Agreed, I did ok this time around because I learnt my lessons in the 2017/2018 crash, so from August last year onwards when things starting going up, rather than trading, I just invested and sold out of the positions in 10% increments as the prices gradually increased at pre planned target prices - with some liquid cash on the side to jump into anything exciting came along. You earn less, but it protects you from massive losses. Worked really well in hindsight, as by the time the market tanked in May, I had already had a decent amount of profit out. It took the sting out of the massive correction on what was left in! That’s the biggest lesson I have learnt in Crypto, take little bits of profit all the time, don’t try and find the top!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter. Experience is key (I only have a little more than a year of crypto experience). Your strategy seems quite simple, but I think it is really hard to master (the emotional side is hard to handle), so congratulations! I’ll try to follow a similar strategy/plan :slight_smile:

No worries, yeah it’s 90% emotional, 10% technical this game, learning charting, technicals, using exchanges, the difference between the good and bad projects - is easy, especially using TM. Learning to be clinical and not care about price fluctuations is really difficult, most people can’t do it, the ones that can - are the people that make money. There tends to be two camps, the people who are looking for the top, hodl everything, never sell, yield farm - some of them make millions, some of them get ruined. The second camp, buy at the base of the trend, sell as soon as it hits the upper trend line, take profits as they go in a pre-planned way (for me it’s always been 10% of the capital out, at maybe 20 pre planned prices points for each investment). Selling into the uptrend is the easiest way to make money I have found. Didn’t do that in 2017 sadly, and paid for my education!

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