Restricted access to TMTV?

Given the recent changes, it would seem the access to TM TV has some restrictions. I am an advanced subscriber, apparently having access to TMTV+. Yet I am restricted from some of the viewing content. Is this teething issues?

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I am also Advanced… before TV been working very well. some issues seems to be there now on this new platform.

Also experiencing this.
Certainly frustrating

I am an advanced member…
I am also experiencing this… indices are not working and I am unable to view bill’s market update videos.
message I get " you are not allowed to view this asset"

please fix this asap guys!!!

I m currently having the same issues, this is cheating and there should be compensation ,last time i couldnt have access for few days

I sent a message through the platform to them and they seem to have corrected the issue. See if they can do the same for you.