Request: Option to disable stable coins on indices?

I am looking at the Quant monthly index for Binance, and it recommends BTC, LTC, and DCR, with the remaining 45% split across stable coins. I watched the live stream where this was queried recently, and I understand that this is Quant hedging against a possible dip, so should this occur we have the dry powder ready to go shopping. I also appreciate these stable coins could be used for yield farming.

If I want to accept more risk right now, just based on Quant (not TA and Quant as is the Trader index), my only option is to browse the ratings page. Unfortunately, although the hodler and investor plans thankfully do have access to the same indices as the professional plan, in a situation like this we are left a distinct extra disadvantage - and I am not talking about the number of coins ratings available per plan. This is because, as I understand it, the indices are not just selected on the best Quant grade, at least diversification across spaces is taken into account, and perhaps other factors also.

Can you please consider an option to disable/enable stable coins in the indices? If it makes this more practical you could set some kind of extra warning on disclaimer to appear when disabling stable coins.

A use case for this is a non-professional plan user, who already manage risk with a monthly DCA and wants to select coins for the new monthly capital purely on the Quant grade, but because they cannot see all of the ratings, they cannot make the best informed choice, as would be provided by an index without stable coins. This option is also something that could benefit even professional plan users immediately, and all still benefit hodler and investor plan users even when more coins are added to all plans, which has been mentioned as part of the road map.


Thanks for the feedback Daire, we will consider this when working on future updates.

It will be good to see if the index still recommends stablecoins during alt season. :smile:

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