Received strange "Welcome" email from TM but I've been a member for a few months

I received a strange welcome email today, even though I’ve been a member for months. Was there some sort of glitch in the system? I was expecting to get the weekly code review email, but got this instead. Who can I speak to so that I can get the code review email? It really would help if you all had some sort of email helpdesk. Thanks.

@diaryofamademan, Ian are you able to assign this to one of your staff to look into? I received a strange “Welcome” email today from TM (been a member for a few months) instead of the code review email. Can someone please send me the code review email?

Received the code review email now. Not sure if there was a glitch initially or not. The welcome email threw me off. Not sure why that happened. Anyways, I guess all is back to normal. Thanks.

Hi Juliet, the email was an error, please ignore. Code reviews are sent out every Tuesday. Make sure you’re not unsubscribed to our emails to receive. You may also access them on the Token Metrics website on the token page under the Technology section.

Got it. Thanks for the reply, Ian.