Rebalancing the indices

I’m trying to adjust my portfolio in accordance to the re balances. Sometimes- they completely sell off a coin 100%. I’m finding myself making an excel sheet that’s taking me forever. Is there an easy way to know exactly how much to sell off and buy when updates are posted? It would be awesome if we could type in the cash-value of our own portfolio and have it tell you exactly what to do.



Great idea Anthony. @TokenMetrics +1


I am just watching Ian’s video from July 22nd on the Token Metrics AI Indices Launch and at 17m 40s in he responds to someone querying how to rebalance their monthly DCA investment, and explains how the Indices work, which I assume is buying and selling based on existing holdings to match the new refreshed index percentages.

I came to the forum to see if I could make a suggestion regarding this and found it has already been asked.

I would like to echo the request for a feature to input our current USD holdings of the index - but crucially please also consider an option to input any new USD amount we wish to investment each month which is taken into account - and then for us to receive output telling us how much to buy or sell of each.

It would be great to see this in the upcoming Quant release!

P.S. If users could input their initial and any subsequent investments for index past performance reviews that might also be a nice feature, though less important than rebalancing.

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