Question on TM Grade

Hey guys, just signed up for TM Advanced and am browsing through some of the coins with the highest grades. My assumption was that the higher the grade, the more positive the outlook for yields in coming week or months, but the price prediction for DERC, as an example, shows that we’re expecting it to go down in the next week… Am I interpreting the grades wrong?

My intention is to browse coins that the TM team feels has the highest potential to yield in the next 1-6 months and then further research which ones I’d like to invest in myself.

I am noticing the same thing. I just signed in as well, but it looks like the coins with higher TM have already reached the top and are going down. Causing people like me to FOMO in on a trade that is set to fail. I really don’t see making profits trading the TM or any price predictions that are changing every 10 hours.

I did read somewhere that the price predictions are AI generated based on most current market trends. Maybe they’ll be updated and show more bullish predictions if this uptick continues strong in the coming week.

Would appreciate if someone from the TM team could weigh in on TM grade vs price predictions. Does TM grade been strong bullish yields over the coming weeks/months, or have we reached the top of a very local cycle?

My understanding is that price predictions changes daily based on the daily closing price. So last night I saw POLY is predicted to go over $1 in the Nader 30 days and today the prediction shows $0.60. Guess what I did? I FOMO in thinking that will be a good buy and it looks like there are no any fundamental reasons to make that trade other than emotional numbers from TM.
I like listening and watching the videos but that AI machine learning has a lot to learn.