Quant Network (QNT)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Quant Network channel.
Here is a Fundamental analysis I’ve wrote about the project and why I believe it has the capability of reaching Ripple market cap in the future:

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

PS: At the end of the article I linked a lot more articles if anyone wants to deep dive into QUANT!


I looked at this token late last year but didn’t have any funds ready.
I have some questions:

  • When is it going on a Tier 1 exchange?
  • Have the costs of gateways been determined yet?

Thanks for sharing your analysis :+1::100:

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You are welcome Ian :wink:

According to a AMA that the CEO did on Telegram, some of Quant’s institutional partners don’t feel comfortable with Quant paying to get the utility token listed on non regulated exchanges. Therefore only a few alternatives remain like for example: Kraken, Bitstamp or Coinbase. According to a publication made on Quant Network reddit by the CEO, the team is pursuing a listing on these exchanges and also traditional exchanges that will start to accept crypto assets for their institutional clients this year.
Gateways/master nodes specifics will be revealed prior the launch in this quarter. :slight_smile:

Ian, may I ask, have you previously spoken on this project?, you have a lot of material online so sometimes it is difficult to know

Thanks, do you know of other projects that you think are similar to this also?

The most similar project in ambition and scope as quant is probably Chainlink. Of course there are also other interoperability projects but none of them have the same connections as Quant in the financial world.

Interesting point you make there, the way I think about those projects at the layer 2 level are as follows;

  • Inter-chain data aggregation: LINK

  • Inter-chain composability: QNT

  • Inter-chain liquidity: REN


QUANT is like a mystery to me. I am inclined to like and invest in it but one thing i can never seem to understand is why it is still not on a Tier 1 exchange. I can never seem to find the answer to this question.


Yes you would think it would be on Binance by now after all this time, that and it doesn’t appear like the token will have staking?

I have been researching it this week. It seems it is a listing soon on Coinbase or Kraken

Comment by CEO: “Let’s just say, with the upcoming clients, announcements and partnerships that we have in the pipeline, we’re not going to have any trouble being on these exchanges in line with the strategy we set out”

The strategy document he refers to about applying for Coinbase and Kraken can be seen on their project reddit

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Chainlink and quant have a great future. Cant really comment about REN since I dont know anything about it.

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Like costacoffee, said due to compliance issues they can only list on regulated exchanges and plan to do so this year.

Thanks so much for your analysis guys :slight_smile:
keep winning

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Has anyone actually looked at Dragonchain Interchain patents and it’s blockchain capabilities?

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Hey Hilary. Yes, I have looked at their technology and it is far inferior to what Quant Network brings to the table in my opinion. Plus they dont have the institutional or bank connections to deliver their product to the masses.

Thank you for sharing your Analysis.
Great Information

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QNT already did 2x from march 13, woah !
More buying than selling these days.

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The future is bright for this project!