Quant Grade Failure

Dear Token Metrics Team,

At this point, can we just admit that the quant grades aren’t working properly? Instead of coming out with new features, I think I speak for every TM customer when I say that it would be much better to continually improve the quant grade machine learning and AI code. Either the AI is not learning properly, or you guys have completely abandoned improving the way the quant grade works, which is arguably the most useful metric on the site. It STILL has Terra LUNA as the #1 investment in the top 100 as dozens of other coins are outperforming it. LUNA had its moment and that was great but it’s clearly not learning properly. You contradict yourself when you recommend that you don’t invest in a coin unless the quant grade is at least 70%, which is only Terra. You guys have to fix this thing or you’re going to lose hundreds of customers. It’s been over 2 months since there have been any improvements with it, at least an acknowlegement that it needs to be worked on would be nice. There are dozens of others who have raised the same issue. If I can get some sort of response on this that would be very nice

Like this if you guys agree


I agree with you @clrusso21 something needs to be done @admins


Yes I agree. There seems to be a massive glitch in the system and it keeps recommending the same damned coins from day to day and week to week. There should be a clear and straight forward indicator that tells you how the portfolio recommendations performed over the last day or week against BTC so you can see that the supposedly useful artificial intelligence is anything but intelligent!


I have to agree. I’m a pro customer and at this point i can get better information from TM on YouTube for free than an expensive pro membership.
The incidices don’t match what Bill and Forrest talk about. The best index is the weekly trader.
Strongly considering going back to the investor plan.


Thanks for responding. The more people comment on this the better chance they see it

I agree, it is very confusing

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I’ve been using the indices/quant grades for a while, and even though they add a tonne of value unless I’m mistaken (and please correct me if I’m wrong) they don’t account for market manipulation and price suppression, so to use the example of LUNA, a lot of traders in various groups I’m in have picked up on arbitrage bots on various exchanges suppressing the price with a pattern of huge sell orders and buy back-ins, constantly recurring 24/7, same amounts. Who is doing that and why - who knows, but it’s someone with deep pockets. If it’s just to keep the price low while they hoover up as much as they can of a finite resource, eventually one of two things happen - the volume of organic buyers becomes too great to do that, or they decided to stop doing it. So with the AI, it has a set of rules to make its predictions, but if something is happening outside of the norm, i.e someone with a huge amount of money is market-making like that to shake people out, or there is some massive external event, it won’t be able to see that. It’s a guide essentially, it won’t always be right. Just my opinion!

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing the feedback. We have been working hard on improving the Quant Grade and expect to launch version two of the quant grade this month.

This will be a combined indicator comprising of backward and forward-looking data and the new visual trends indicator. In testing, this new version of the Quant Grade has been more predictive than the old one.

Thank you all for the support and patience.


Thanks for the update Ian. When will the code review column return to the data summary page?

Hi TM Admins,

Although I am new to TM, I agree with the sentiments below.

The AI & Quant Grade is NOT working

If this is not fixed, I will have to recall my subscription


Any timelines on the fixed\ improved Quant Grade?

I agree. the grades are not up to date and it still has Terra as a good trade… while other alts are preforming like crazy.

The problem is the indices and the high/low freq trading results give conflicting information. Iuna for example, bearish on both low and high freq trading, yet looking at the indices it’s suggesting you should have a third of your portfolio in it! Luna has tanked for the last 3 weeks. Hence why I would recommend only using this as a guide. The indices should reflect the best results - from the high/low freq trading information - if the results aren’t the same, then it calls into question the accuracy of the A.I. Not meaning to be too critical, massive fan of this platform and the shows - a lot of fun!

I’m new also & love portfolio analysis but I agree about the code review. Why. Is there not a Column for this? Considering how important TM refer to it consistingly I thought it would highlighted

I have to agree with most of what is said. I actually cancelled my account because I just don’t see value in it anymore. The market is changing so quickly and can’t be predicted by AI or computer algorithms. It needs much more personal insight and TA analysis which I understand requires man power but at the high price, thats what I thought I was paying for.

@diaryofamademan its end of the month and we have still not seen any improvements / changes?

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Thanks for this.
Also Following.

I also cancelled my TM subscription until the issue is identified and resolved.


I know I’m new here–and perhaps am not configuring the indices correctly–however, it appears something is horribly wrong with the rating system. As of May 4th 2021, Ethereum is shown as having the 16th best quant grade?? Although it’s price may definitely pull back from its current ATH, I’m not sure anyone can believe it’s the 16th highest rated investment? In addition, the price prediction displays it as the 24th best over the next 30 days??

Am I doing something wrong?

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I agree. AI and Quant Grade is not useful for me so far. I need personal/human recommendation. None of the favorite projects of Ian, Forrest and Bill shows up in Indices/Ratings.