Quadrant Protocol [eQuad] Live Stream Discussion?

Hello all!

I’ve been watching this project Quadrant Protocol [eQuad] a utility token.

Quadrant is profitiable company in the works with one of the Top 5 tech companies, yet to be named. Its key I would say is competitors are IOTA and Ocean Protocol. They have been building quietly for two years, they have just released their updated tokenomics. This token is in the “Big Data” category.

Quadrant aims to build the data economy around the the large data hoarding companies like Google and Facebook, diminishing thier power and giving back power over their data. Quadrant also aims to address non-transparency issues in the data industy.

One of their projects codenamed “Wenchang” is the aforementioned Top 5 tech company. In Quadrant’s words “This project is the manifestation of our capabilities at Quadrant. In partnership with one of the world’s top 5 technology companies, we are building upgrades to our platform to meet the needs of the world’s Fortune 500, governments and NGOS.” There will be more news to be dropped in the first quarter of 2021.

I think this a a WELL ESTABLISHED company and crypto in the game since 2018, and everything is coming to fruition.

eQuad stands at a $14M marketcap, meanwhile ocean stands at $231M.

To the moon and beyond.