Products for Enterprise Adoption

With 40 years in corporate IT and knowing the mindset, I’m looking to invest in the products that lend ease of adoption and integration to what is already in play. Examples being VeChain supply chain integration to SAP, or Chromia relational DB translation which is prevalent, Chainlink of course as middleware(smart is Oracle Corp). What is everyone finding that would be a similarly good fit?

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Hello Dave, for enterprise adoption, look into Hedera Hashgraph. They have Google and some other large partners running nodes.

Hi Dave,

This is an exciting post for me as I’ve been an Insights Network (INSTAR) community member for the past few years. They just created a tokenized business model called “Stake for SaaS” that provides free access to blockchain powered survey software to survey builders that stake. I’ve also followed the recent $8B acquisition of Qualtrics by SAP and SurveyMonkey IPO.

The survey software doesn’t integrate with SAP and runs on INSTAR Blockchain. It currently supports micropayment rewards paid in INSTAR, EOS, and DAI. There’s a record of transactions with proof of payment and the data is kept private with best in class one time pad encryption. I suppose that Qualtrics/SAP could build something similar when they’re ready to update their legacy software and stop paying participants with gift cards. However, I think it might be a ways away as they’re probably busy preparing for their recently announced IPO. also offers a survey marketplace similar to SurveyMonkey’s Audience that allows market researchers to survey global participants. The main differences are that participants are KYC verified, survey results with instant payment and proof are recorded with blockchain verifiable results, data is completely private with OTP, and it costs a fraction of the price thanks to blockchain technology.

So, I’m not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for but I thought I’d post because you mentioned SAP. You can read some recent posts below:

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