Price Prediction Transparency

Hi Ian, Bill and team, Your Price Predictions Chart currently shows 1-month Actual Price History line vs a Predicted History/Future Price line. I really like that you update new data into the Predicted Price line and are bringing out alerts, but I think it would be great if prediction movements were somehow more transparent for us to follow.

The Prediction chart provides us with great initial forecast into what a Coin may do and for us to base our initial decisions on. But at later dates when monitoring coin predictions, it is not clear if the predictions (that our initial decisions were based on) have changed or by how much. I think it would be helpful for us investors if the chart also showed an additional reference that graphically illustrated movements in the Predicted prices, whereby we could instantly see if predictions have changed that impact our proposed strategies. Maybe this could be done via a (toggle on) coloured spectrum range over time that shows how the predictions altered, ie Red for the initial 30 days-out predictions shifting thru the colour spectrum (red-yellow-orange-green-blue) down to Blue once reaching the last prediction day before realisation. Love what you have built, I was part of a tech start-up company a few years back and know just how crazy it is to try and do. You have nailed it, well done.


Thanks for sharing that idea for us. I believe that this feature could have benefits for our customers, please submit it to for our team to review.

Correct. It seems the way predictions are calculated then recalculated periodically it seems seems like it is predicting better than it really is. I call it deceptive. I have seen the technique used by other prediction services. Without being more transparent you would have to say it is done on purpose.