Price Prediction Error

Guys, your price predictions are still out of whack with the actual coin pricing. BTC is shown in actual as $11,319 today (22nd Oct) when the real actual price is 12,820 (as per trading view).

I have been on the feedback chat on the main page and have asked about this problem for over 2 weeks now - first response was ‘clear your cache’ 2nd was ‘price can lag 15mins’ and the last one was the API issue with Coin Market Cap!

The Price Prediction feature is the main reason I use TM so its would be nice if you guys could just show a message somewhere on the chart that you are having problems with it. You prob have users still thinking its working and trading it from a completely incorrect price starting point. Just an announcement message on the page to say ‘PP is not updating, we are working on a fix’ would be a good start, and then another (hopefully soon!) that says PP fully functional now’ - I have to check it each day to see if its fixed by checking a few coins price v the real price.

TM is a great tool, but we just need some transparency/communication on any issues.


Hi Matt, thanks for bringing this to our attention. There has been an issue with our data provider, Coinmarketcap, that’s affecting the pricing data. We expect to have the issue resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Ian,
Would it be possible to have redundant Data providers so this does not happen again?

Coinmarketcap was one of the best data providers in the last four years. Unfortunately, since they were bought out by Binance, their quality has decreased.

thank you for a great service first of all! but i have to agree with Goose555. it is shocking that there isnt a big red sign on your wall announcing that price prediction isnt working. it is much better to know that it is out of order than thinking that it works and making potentially really bad decisions based on it. putting up a flashing warning shouldnt be a big issue…

This is a good point Gunnar thank you for bringing this to our attention.