Portfolio Aggregation Strategy for U.S citizens

Hey folks.

I am interested to know if anyone else is having this logistical dilemna.

I am about a 6 week crypto noob. I use cold storage (Ledger Nano X) for most/all storage. I have interacted with at least 5 major exchanges over this time. I am starting to think about 2 things.

  1. what is the best way to track all coins/tokens going in/out of my portfolio? For me I prefer having a Linux or Web client option as opposed to being a “mobile app only” option. I am fine with Read only API exchange access, but also need to take into account token swap interaction here/there.

  2. what is the best end of year solution in regards to U.S. taxes? I see many vendors out there.

I have previewed some solutions out there, but many are clunky. Also, good Ledger Live integration is something of a road block on some of them. Would love to hear what you guys do.



Hello, tax wise I recommend TokenTax.

For tracking your wallet, maybe look into desktop wallets like Exodus or use Etherscan if they are ERC20 tokens.

Thanks Ian! This is very helpful. I will look at TokenTax at the end of the year.

I ended up deciding on three wallets used together. Ledger Live, Atomic, and Exodus. This gives me pretty good token storage support, and both Atomic and Exodus have nice ERC20 token swap dApps too. All 3 also allow for mobile apps that can track those wallets. Finally, I am manually entering a portfolio in Coin Stats every week so I can track the whole thing in one place on the go.