pNetwork. Cross platform Defi

Ian mentioned pNetwork in one of his videos so I looked into it.

pNetwork and its Ethereum-compatible pTokenized assets, users from Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin communities can deposit and grow their yields on Steroids.

“Steroid” is a liquidity mining platform that offers unique yield farming strategies and exciting APYs. When users put their assets on Steroids, they not only streamline their liquidity pool deposits but also earn rewards in unlocked DeFi tokens.

From their FAQ:

  • What are the key features of pTokens?
    pTokens (such as pEOS, pBTC and many others) are:
    Portable. pTokens can teleport any token to a different blockchain, without any frictions. Liquidity unchained!
    Pegged. Every pToken is transparently pegged to its respective token. It is a trustless 2-way peg
    Provable. A decentralized process makes everything transparent. Anyone can peg-in/peg-out via the pTokens DApp

  • Is one pBTC always worth one BTC?
    Yes. pTokens are pegged 1:1 with their underlying asset - this means 1 pBTC is always worth 1 BTC (bitcoin).

The price of PNT (pNetwork) has started to move a little in the last few days:
Ranging between 1,60 and 2,60 usd.
(It would be nice if TokenMetrics could do Technical Analysis on the price movement).

pNetwork looks quite interesting and I feel it isn’t receiving enough attention.
So I begun researching it and I hope I can learn some more through this post, from those who are more familiar with it.

PNT is now powering Eidoo
(Debit card for the DeFi economy)

This is what I was told on EIdoo’s Telegram channel:
“Eidoo is the reference address for the pTokens project, in fact the pNetwork DAO has been supported from day one directly in the app.
Eidoo and pTokens are however two separate entities”

What do you think?