Opinions on Presearch

Presearch is definitely an interesting project. I believe it has keyword staking which is a very interesting idea. With over 1 million users on the Platform, Presearch made an impact on people’s life. I don’t think it would scale like google but at least it will unleash 100 billion dollars digital advertising. What do you think guys?

If it gets 0.001% of Google users, this would be the winner. Any thoughts?


Decentralized search is one of the best feature right now. I see lot of future. Over 1 million users in the platform is astonishing. But, we need to see who is using this search engine?

I always say that this is the search built by the people. People can earn up to 8 pre tokens per day which is not bad. Considering the price under 2 cents is not much reward. But, if the price of the tokens pumps up to dollar. This platform would be pretty interesting.

But I always say accumulate when it is cheap and when no one cares about it. A way to separate yourself from the crowd.


I totally agree with you Srikanth. I see that Presearch would play a good role in advertising in future.

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How do people contribute to Presearch?

I invested 350$ on Presearch when it was a cent

I’m not sure hey, I don’t think at this present moment is a good time to be looking at these futuristic ideas, the best bet is to still focus on infrastructure blockchains, smart contract platforms & DEFI.

Hello @chetty

Which are the interesting infrastructure blockchains, smart contract platforms & DeFi projects?