Opinion on Day trading in Crypto

Thinking of day trade on Bitcoin and Etherium. Suggestions needed on which is the best app for that.


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There are many popular apps which can be used depending on your geographical location. If you can mention your geographical location it will help.

Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities between different payment methods on P2P marketplaces such Paxful or Local Bitcoins can be an option too.

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Looking the app which work in United States

I am a bit clueless when it comes to USA. I think, the popular apps in USA are Coinbase, Gemini, Cash App.

Please do you own research.

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When it comes to volume and liquidity, my preference would be Binance and Coinbase pro.

-> You can definitely use Coinbase pro for Top 20 coins
-> Variety of coins are listed on Binance, Advantage of Binance is it would give you free airdrops based on trading volume.

If you want to hold it for earning interest Crypto.com and Voyager are the best apps.

Voyager interest rates for the month of April

Crypto.com interest rates.

Earn interest on these coins on crypto.com


Thanks Sharal. Thats really good info

You can also consider Atomic wallet for better staking rewards
ATOM - 10%
XTZ - 7%
ONT-ONG - 5.6%
ALGO - 5.6%

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My preferences would be Coinbase Pro and Binance. But, Binance is available only in 37 states, so it depends on which geographical location you are in.

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Hi srikanth! i need some help in staking, and how to earn interest and all,i am very new to this.also dont know much about different platforms…
can you please help me..datsme.ved@gmail.com
shall be really grateful…thanks